Custom Teardrop Flag

Save 18%

Our Premium Advertising Flags are designed for maximum exposure, and the full design will remain visible at all times, regardless of wind condition. These flags are used in conjunction with a highly-flexible, ultra-durable fiberglass pole, along with an array of bases and mounts for any situation.

Extra Small (60" x 16.5")
Small (84.5" x 27")
Medium (112" x 29.75")
Large (163" x 33.75")

Print Options:
Single Reverse - A single print that is clearly visible from either side, though text and images will read in reverse from back side.
Double Sided - This option consists of two separate prints, one for each side, with a liner sewn in between to keep images from showing through. These two prints can be the same on each side, or two different prints all together.

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