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Thank You Veterans!
Thank You Veterans!

Warranty Information

Our Aluminum Flagpole Warranty

Flagman of America warrants its aluminum pole shafts for their lifetime to be free of defects in materials and workmanship and to be free from corrosion, except those items normally consumed in service. This warranty does not cover failures or corrosion due to improper installation, product used outside of specified use, damage from handling, transportation, installation, impact, abuse or vandalism. Site specific wind induced or other vibration. Installation in soils with a pH under 5 or over 9. Improper grounding.

Flagman of America will, at its sole option, repair, replace or credit Buyers account for any product that does not conform to this warranty.

Flagman of America shall not be liable for any other loss or damage, including but not limited to consequential damages, liquidated damages and back charges.

This warranty does not include reimbursement for the expense of installation or removal of the equipment, transportation, or any other expenses which be incurred. This warranty applies to the pole shaft only and does not include anchor bolts, connecting hardware such as trucks, halyards, balls, snaphooks, weights or foundations. Authorization must be obtained before any material is returned. This warranty excludes finished such a powder coating, anodizing and satin. "Lifetime" is defined as the lifetime of the products intended use. 

Our TidaFlag Fiberglass Flagpole Warranty

10 Year Warranty for Atlantic Fiberglass Products

Flagman of America warrants that its fiberglass flagpoles will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use, proper installation, and responsible care for a period of 10 years from the date of first arrival to the owner.

Flagman of America further warrants that during use by the original owner after proper installation and responsible use, all residential and commercial flagpole shafts will withstand wind gusts up to 120 miles per hour, unflagged. The use of oversized flags will negate this warranty. As well, in the event of extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, monsoons, tornados, etc. it is the responsibility of the owner to remove all flagging in advance of the bad weather.

This warranty is expressly made in lieu of any and all warranties expressed or implied, including the warranties or merchantability and fitness.

The exclusive remedy of the buyer in the event that any of the goods does not conform in accordance with the above warranty, shall be limited to replacement or repair of the item or parts claimed to be defective. All goods claimed to be defective must be shipped to back. Such good will be returned, repaired or replaced within a reasonable time period and this shall constitute a complete discharge of the seller of any and all liabilities or damage for such good.

Flagman of America shall not be responsible for removal, installation, shipping costs or any incidental or consequential costs. Acceptance of the goods, so shipped, shall not be deemed an admission the goods are defective.

In the event that any of the goods are found to be defective, in addition to waiving its rights to consequential or incidental damages, the buyer expressly waives all rights to any and all damages what so ever.

This warranty does not include any shipping, delivery or labor costs.

20 Year Warranty for Fiberglass Flagpoles of America

Seller warrants that its fiberglass flagpoles will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use, proper installation and responsible care. Subject to the foregoing, Seller's warranty for the shaft of the flagpole shall be in effect for a period of twenty years from the date of first shipment, delivery or install date to the owner. This warranty covers flagpole breakage resulting from high wind within the wind resistance level indicated in Seller's specifications. Warranty on all accessories and parts, trucks, finials, balls bearings, halyards, cleats, banner arms, hinge bases is for one year. Seller cannot be responsible for damage and or accidents due to improper installation of the flagpoles. All warranties expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or use, are hereby excluded and disclaimed. Seller will, at its sole option, repair, replace or credit Buyer's account for any equipment or part which proves defective under its warranty provided that the Buyer notifies Seller in writing of such defect within the appropriate warranty period. This warranty does not include reimbursement for the expense of installation, removal or equipment, transportation, or any other expenses that may be incurred. Authorization mist be obtained before any material is returned. In no event shall Seller be liable for prospective profits, or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages of buyer. The aggregate amount of recovery, judgment, or award which may be obtained by buyer against seller hereunder shall not exceed the purchase price of the goods described of the face hereof. The right to recover said purchase price of the goods shall constitute the sole and exclusive remedy of Buyer hereunder. 

Zeus / PLP Fiberglass Flagpole Warranty

January 10, 2019

PLP Composites, proud crafters of Zeus Flagpoles™, warrants this product, at the time of shipment, to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship.  Any flagpole shaft found to be defective, upon examination by PLP, for the lifetime of the pole, after normal use and service shall be repaired or replaced at our discretion.  

All accompanying hardware and fittings are covered for 1 year from the date of shipment.  

The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the flagpole itself and does NOT include transportation/shipping costs, removal of the damaged shaft, improper installation of the shaft, installation of a replacement shaft, disposal of damaged shaft or any other expenses which may be incurred during fulfillment of an approved warranty.  In no case shall PLP Composites be liable for consequential, special, and/or indirect damages resulting from transportation, handling beyond PLP or the breach of this warranty. 

All warranty claims must be submitted in writing or via email to PLP Composites from the retailer from whom you purchased the flagpole.  All claims must include pictures and a description of the damage, the size and series of the flagpole and as many details as possible.  A determination on your warranty claim will be made in a timely fashion by PLP Composites.

PLP makes no other or further warranty, expressed or implied, including any warranty of fitness or merchantability.

Our Made in USA Telescoping & Sectional Flagpole Warranty

  • We offer a 5 year warranty on the structure, workmanship and hardware of your American made flagpole.
  • This warranty does not cover failures due to improper installation, improper use of locking mechanisms, misapplication, natural disasters or damage caused by accident, collision or vandalism. The flag and rope are not covered under this warranty.
  • Any damage due to shipping must be reported immediately to the common carrier.
  • Damages caused flying a flag larger than the recommended maximum size also will void this warranty.
  • Under no circumstance does this warranty cover the cost of installation, removal, transportation or any other consequential damages.
  • It is the sellers option to repair or replace the defective product.

"Forever" American Flag Warranty

1. Warranty Coverage

Flagman of America ("Flagman") is committed to providing a high-quality product and stands behind the craftsmanship of the flags we produce. This Product Warranty Policy outlines the terms and conditions of our warranty coverage for the sole flags purchased from Flagman.

2. Warranty Period

The consumer is eligible for free repairs on the sole flag they have purchased, subject to the following conditions:

3. Eligibility for Repairs

  • A flag can be repaired until the rips or damages cause the flag to be less than square or until Flagman of America determines that the flag's material can no longer hold stitching.
  • This warranty does not guarantee a specific number of repairs to be conducted on the flag.
  • This warranty is only valid when the flag has been subject to responsible care by the customer.

4. Exclusions

This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Failures due to the product being used outside of the specified use or misuse.
  • Damage resulting from handling, transportation, impact, abuse, or vandalism.
  • Cleaning services or color restoration.
  • Any flags other than the sole flag purchased by the customer.
  • Customers who cannot provide proof of purchase.

5. Customer Responsibilities

Customers are responsible for:

  • All freight charges associated with sending the flag to and from Flagman of America's facility.
  • Ensuring the flag has been subject to responsible care and proper use as specified.

6. Warranty Transferability

This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser of the flag.

7. Proof of Purchase

Proof of purchase is required to avail of warranty services. Customers must retain their purchase receipts.

8. Refund or Credit

No refund or credit will be issued if a customer delays sending a flag in for repairs to the extent that the flag is determined to be un-repairable.

9. Contact Information

For warranty claims, questions, or concerns, please contact Flagman of America's Customer Service at:

Flagman of America [Address] [Phone Number] [Email Address] [Website]

Flagman of America reserves the right to amend or modify this warranty policy at its discretion. Customers are encouraged to review the warranty policy on our website for the most up-to-date information. This warranty policy is in addition to any rights and remedies provided by applicable law.

Please ship or drop your Forever Flag to

Flagman of America, Attn: Repairs, 22 East Main St, Avon CT 06001

Flagman of America Labor Warranty

Flagman of America guarantees all parts & labor on installation and repair work for 1 year from the date of service.