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How to Clean an American Flag

1. Use a clean, damp, soft cloth with a color safe detergent to scrub the flag. Let hang dry, never fold a wet flag over itself as the colors could bleed over  time.

2. Use a delicate cycle in your washing machine with a color safe detergent and let hang dry.

3. Call a local dry cleaner, some of them even do it for free. 

All of these tips can be applied to our racing flags as well. 


If your flag is beyond cleaning and needs to be retired, Flagman of American would proudly properly dispose of it for you. Our Avon, CT location has a dropoff by our front door. It is always open so flags can be dropped off any day or time. 

Flags for retirement can be shipped to

Flagman of America, Attention Retirement, 22 E Main St, Avon CT 06001

There is no fee for this service. 

Buy a New Flag

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