Flagpole Repairs

**We are still performing flagpole service work during COVID-19** 

Flagpole Repairs in Connecticut, MA, RI & NY

**Servicing ALL of Connecticut**

View some of our work in the above slideshow. (There are many photos so it may take a minute to load properly)

Flagpole Repairs from Flagman of America Include:

  • UNRIVALED 72 Years of Experience
  • UNMATCHED 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • We do it all! Re-Ropings, Winch Untangling, Parts Replacement, Painting, Pole Straightening, Ladder work, Lifts, Cranes, Flagpole Relocations
  • This is our specialty, we have been around longer than any other flagpole company in Connecticut. We also have more experience than all of the Landscape, Sign, Crane & Fence companies COMBINED!
  • We are the ONLY store in Connecticut that stocks ALL factory flagpole parts from Flagpole Manufacturers
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Want to Repair the Flagpole Yourself?

  • We offer FREE Professional support to all customers who buy flagpole parts from us.
  • We STOCK any and all factory flagpole parts you could possibly need to get your flagpole up and running smoothly again. Click HERE to visit our flagpole parts section.

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