About Us / Our Beginnings

In 1947, Rhuben Dimesky, after serving in WWII, started a sign company. He began painting outdoor signs and a little later began selling flags. Doing everything himself, it was not a raging success, but he kept at it and eventually became known as "the flagman" by his customers.
 Over the years he hired talented seamstresses and artists to design and produce custom flags and banners. Customer care specialists were hired to answer questions and take orders. We started installing flagpoles made of wood, then aluminum and fiberglass. We became known for fast service and quality you could rely on.
In the 1970's, Rhubens son, David Dimesky along with his wife Annette Dimesky took over the company. Together, they grew the business upgrading telephone and computer systems to push further into the world of e-commerce. But in spite of their growth, the hallmark of Flagmans Family business was the same as it was in 1947, your complete satisfaction.
In 2018, Davids Grandson, Jordan (left) and Davids Nephew, James (right) are proudly keeping the family business going. Over 70 years in and your satisfaction is still our familys American dream!