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Thank You Veterans!
Thank You Veterans!

Flagpole Buying Guide


There are so many options that if you find yourself overwhelmed reading this article, you are always welcome to contact our family at anytime via chat, email, calling or stopping in our store so that we can help you begin this intimidating process. T: 800-835-2462, 860-678-0275,

Homes, schools, businesses & places of worship benefit from having American, State and custom flags flying. It creates a send of pride like nothing else!

First Thought....Location for Flagpole 

The location of the flagpole is vital to determining your flagpole size. When you figure out a desired location you can determine the amount of space that is free for the flagpole and flag. You want to be sure that once the flagpole is installed and the flag is flying that the flag is not hitting power lines, lights, gutters & tree limbs. You also want to be sure you have adequate space to dig and pour the flagpole foundation.

The more open the area, generally the better for flag flying purposes but in terms of an exact location, many businesses like the front, center look for their flagpole but it is 100% circumstantial and preference. What looks good to us, may not be the spot of choice for the business owner.

When choosing a location, it is sometimes wise to chose a favorite spot and a back up spot. Having a backup spot already picked can really help in case it turns out your first choice spot happens to be over power, water or gas lines, you are out of luck. This is where Call Before You Dig is very helpful. Please note that CBYD will never mark your irrigation lines or anything you had installed yourself. 

2nd Step...The Flagpole

Possibly the toughest choice out of all of this. Picking out the actual height, finish & style of flagpole. There are a couple things that will help start this decision, with the location picked out, is there anything that limits the size of flagpole and flag we can use. IE is your flagpole location 20' from the corner of the house? So we must find a combination of flagpole and flag that cannot reach that far. 

Another way to help determine the style & size of the flagpole is a budget. A budget can be a huge factor in helping steer us to the perfect choice. The larger a flagpole gets, the more expensive the flagpole and installation/materials will cost. There are also flagpole types that are more expensive than others, such as a external fiberglass flagpole (where the rope is on the outside) will be less expensive than an internal winch fiberglass flagpole (where the rope is inside the flagpole operated by a crank). From there, an aluminum flagpole will generally be more expensive than a fiberglass flagpole, and aluminum flagpoles can be external, internal cam cleats & have internal winches. All options have their pros and cons, here is a quick run down of everything.

Fiberglass vs Aluminum 

Fiberglass Flagpoles will generally be less expensive than aluminum flagpoles. They are also a little easier to work with due to their light weight. For example, 2 people can generally push up and install up to a 40' fiberglass flagpole by hand. However, anything 30' and up for aluminum, it is suggested to use a lift/crane to raise the flagpole. Fiberglass flagpoles are still very durable, rated for winds around 120mph without flags and around 95mph with flags. They are also generally more available than aluminum but do come standard in white. They generally last around 20-30 years depending on your location.

Aluminum Flagpoles tend to be a little pricier than fiberglass flagpoles but have many advantages if the extra money is not a deal breaker. Aluminum flagpoles are much more customizable and have options for any and all scenarios. Whereas fiberglass comes standard in white, aluminum flagpoles can come in Satin which is a bare aluminum / silver finish. They can be bronze or black anodized, or powder coated any color. Aluminum flagpoles come in more butt diameters and wall thicknesses, meaning if you are looking for a specific size / taper, or wind rating, aluminum will have something for everyone. The small parts on aluminum flagpoles like pulleys and cleats are heavier duty. Aluminum flagpoles generally have higher wind ratings and longer warranties. Aluminum shafts will also never rust and don't degrade/weather like the fiberglass. Essentially, as long as an aluminum flagpole shaft is never struck and damaged by anything, they will essentially last forever. 

Halyard Options

External Halyard - The most classic setup for a flagpole. Where the rope is on the outside of the flagpole in a large loop through a pulley/top and wraps around a cleat on the flagpole. This is the least expensive setup.

Internal Cam Cleat - The flagpole will have a door on the side that you open. Once open, the rope is wedge fit by the cam, you grab/release the rope and you are then free to pull the rope/flag up and down. The rope comes from inside the flagpole, out the top, connects to the flag, and under the flag is generally a retaining ring and weight. A very great option since you get the safety and security of the rope being on the inside of the flagpole without the cost of a winch.  

Internal Winch - Generally the most expensive option. However, it requires the least amount of labor to raise and lower the flags. This makes it a great choice for schools and businesses and towns. 

Still with us? Don't hesitate to contact us and let us know if we can help!!

Wind Ratings (aluminum flagpoles)

The butt diameter & wall thickness can change pricing drastically. The wider and thicker a flagpole is, the higher the wind rating but the more expensive it is. If a company cannot tell you the wind rating for a flagpole they are selling, ABORT! 


Continuing with variables to our budget, the last thing to consider is the freight to ship your flagpole. Our local CT customers usually have the option to pickup fiberglass flagpoles at our Avon CT location, but aluminum and nationwide shipments of flagpoles will vary depending on if it is a business, residence, their location and the size of the flagpole. The longer the flagpole shaft, the more expensive the freight. Flagman of America ships from multiple warehouses across the nation to try and get the lowest possible freight cost for you. 

Ordering the Flagpole

With a solid background knowledge of flagpoles, let's start looking at some pricing. Here is some links to ship the different types of in ground flagpoles we offer. Again, please feel free to reach out to us if this is too overwhelming

Shop Aluminum Flagpoles

Shop Fiberglass Flagpoles

Flags & Lighting 

Flags - Picking out a new flagpole can be so exciting! But what really brings it all together is seeing that perfectly made piece of freedom flowing in the breeze. Flagman of America offers the highest quality, longest lasting American Flags at amazing prices! Before you pick out a flag, you will need to know the height of the flagpole you are going to buy. You will also need to answer the question, am I going to fly 1 flag on the flagpole, or 2? If you are going to fly 1 flag, use the max size flag listed on our Flag Buying Guide. If you are going to fly two, use the secondary flag size on our Flag Buying Guide then make your second flag a size down from the American Flag.

Lighting - 

Telescoping Flagpoles

Pro's - Lower cost than 1 piece flagpoles. Easy to transport. Cheaper to ship since they can go Fedex rather than shipping freight like 1 piece flagpoles. 

Con's - User must physically lift (telescope) the sections by hand which can be difficult for elderly or disabled customers. 

Can I Fly My Flag at Half Staff on a Telescoping Flagpole? Yes! All telescoping flagpoles we sell come equipped to fly 2 flags. Simply undo the American flag from the top snap setup and attach it to the lower flag setup. 

Titan Telescoping Flagpoles are the heaviest duty, longest lasting telescoping flagpoles. Made in USA, they have the highest wind ratings and longest warranties. They can be shopped HERE

EZ Pole Telescoping Flagpoles are better than anything sold at any hardware stores. Made in USA, they have high wind ratings and a very good warranty while being a less expensive than the Titan Flagpoles. Shop EZ Poles HERE

Sectional Flagpoles

Pro's - Lowest cost of all flagpoles. Easy to transport. Cheaper to ship since they can go Fedex rather than shipping freight like 1 piece flagpoles and are in smaller boxes than telescoping flagpoles. Sectional flagpoles have a standard rope and pulley setup which is easier to operate especially for disabled and elderly customers than operating the telescoping flagpoles. Since they are in sections, repairing a broken sectional flagpole is easier than if telescoping or 1 piece flagpoles were to break. 

Con's - The weakest / lowest wind ratings of all the flagpoles.

EZ Pole Sectional Flagpoles are the best option for sectional flagpoles. They are budget friendly, made in the USA, warrantied for 5 years and have better wind rating than anything sold at hardware stores. Shop EZ Sectional Poles HERE