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Flag Buying Guide

Our family has been guiding customers to the best flags for their location for over 72 years! After reading our guide, if you have further questions, please feel free to use the Chat button or visit our Contact page!
There are two main flag materials that American Flags are available in. Nylon and Polyester.

Nylon - The lighter and less expensive option. Is great for low to medium wind areas because it flies in a slight breeze and holds its color the best. Shop American Flags in this material HERE

Polyester - A heavier and thicker material. Ideal for medium to high wind areas because the open weave and thicker material holds up against tearing the longest. Shop American Flags in this material HERE

 Flag Sizing Guides 

For Indoor Display & Parade Flags & Poles
7' Flagpole - 3'x5' Flag - 8 lb Weight
8' Flagpole - 3'x5' Flag - 8lb Weight
9' Flagpole - 4'x6' Flag - 15 lb Weight