Aluminum Spinning Flagpole Set with Solar Light

Save 24%

This all in one kit contains everything needed to easily install your flagpole and fly your flag with pride! It includes a 3' x 5' beautifully hand made embroidered heavy duty nylon flag that looks beautiful and flies in the slightest breeze. A heavy duty 6 foot white aluminum rotating pole with an internal ball bearing to ensure your flag never wraps around the pole and is always displayed perfectly. A white heavy duty multi positioning mounting bracket that allows you to display your flag straight out like a banner, straight up or anywhere inbetween. A very subtle, convenient solar light that kicks on automatically at night and displays the flag beautifully throughout the night. This set CANNOT be beat!!


  • Save $25 retail than buying everything separately
  • 6' White, 1" Diameter Flagpole
  • Beautifully Embroiderd, Sewn Stripe Hand Made 3'x5' Flag
  • Flag Flies in the Slightest Breeze
  • Poles Ball Bearing Ensures Flag Will Always Display Perfectly
  • White, Multi Positioning Metal Bracket
  • Flag is FMAA Certified Made in the U.S.A.

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