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Solid Blue Racing Flag

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**Color matching nylon sleeves have an estimated 5 business day lead-time is the nations leader in racing flags! Tracks and professional flaggers depend on our families durable, high visibility flags. We have been making flags for over 70 years using only the best flag materials, most talented seamstresses and most dedicated staff. We are 100% confident that our products cannot be beat! Get the Sets of the Professionals, From the Professionals!


Heavy Duty Nylon is commonly used to make flags for outdoor use. Built to hold up to the elements it is slightly heavier than rip-stop allowing it to take more punishment. The gold standard for flaggers everywhere.

Lightweight Rip-Stop is the lighter of the 2 materials. It cleans much easier than the Heavy Duty Nylon because the dirt cannot stick to it making it ideal for dirt tracks. The lighter weight makes the flag easier on the wrist when in use and is still very strong. Used by flaggers everywhere.


Stapled on 5/8" Dowel:  If this option is chosen, we staple the race flags to a perfectly smooth hard wood dowel with rounded ends. Our standard sizes are 32" and 28", if you prefer a different size, please let us know the "Special Instructions" Box.

Velcro on 5/8" Dowel:  If this option is chosen, we sew one side of a velcro strip to the inside sleeve of the race flags then stapled the other side to a perfectly smooth hard wood dowel with rounded ends. This keeps the flag secure to the dowel but gives the user the option to remove the flag for cleaning, storage, etc.

Unmounted: This option includes NO dowel. The flags comes with a 1.5" white sleeve (closed at the top) for the user to insert any dowel of their choosing. This sleeve will fit any dowel 5/8" or smaller. If you need a larger sleeve, please let us know the size dowel you use in the "Special Instructions" Box.

Pole Sleeve Option:

Heavy Duty White Canvas is our standard flag material made to withstand the most punishment.

Color Matching Nylon is the actual flag material folded into a matching pole sleeve. Made as durable as possible but is not as heavy duty as the White Canvas and is not warrantied in anyway.

 100% Made in the USA!


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Solid Blue Racing Flag

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Solid Blue Racing Flag

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Solid Blue Racing Flag