Double Row Solar Flagpole Top Light

Save 8%

The Double Row Solar Flagpole Top Light has 32 Ultra Bright LED light bulbs and a powerful 4400 mAh Li-on battery to power this light throughout the night. It is the brightest/most powerful solar flagpole top light available on the market!

Other deigns on the market only have 1 row of down facing LED's light bulbs, only catching the flag at rest. Ours features a 2nd row of LED light bulbs at a 45 degree angle, which catches your flag in full bloom as well as at rest!


  • Photocell automatically turns the light on at night
  • Easy to Install
  • Double Row of Bright LED's (32 Total)
  • 3 Large Solar Panels Catch as much sun as possible
  • Thin Subtle Design Looks Great on your Flagpole

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