Double Row Solar Flagpole Top Light

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The Double Row Solar Flagpole Top Light has 32 Ultra Bright LED light bulbs and a powerful 4400 mAh Li-on battery to power this light throughout the night. It is the brightest/most powerful solar flagpole top light available on the market!

Other deigns on the market only have 1 row of down facing LED's light bulbs, only catching the flag at rest. Ours features a 2nd row of LED light bulbs at a 45 degree angle, which catches your flag in full bloom as well as at rest!


  • Photocell automatically turns the light on at night
  • Easy to Install
  • Double Row of Bright LED's (32 Total)
  • 3 Large Solar Panels Catch as much sun as possible
  • Thin Subtle Design Looks Great on your Flagpole

Customer Reviews

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Lights at 45 degrees make a difference

The light covers the flag better than others I tried

Bright lights give proof through the night that the flag is still there!

This light is powerful and effectively illuminates the flag and the ground around the base of the flagpole.

Excellent product. Far superior to the light I previously ...

Excellent product. Far superior to the light I previously had on the pole. It's been up now for almost 90 days ... high-wind environment ... telescoping pole that flexes in the wind ... has help up fine ... still bright in the early am ... even with the long, winter nights. Highly recommend this product.

Works all night long

A great product that does exactly what it advertises to do. I have purchased several other flagpole solar lights that failed the cast enough light on the flag and seldom last all night long. While this product is more expensive than the others it’s a winner a good value!

Great Light!

I have this mounted on top of my 20' flag pole with a 4x6 American flag and a 3x5 POW flag below it. This light illuminates both flags at full bloom. I'm very satisfied with this light. I have an eagle mounted on top of the light too, so I needed to order the PolePalUSA light extension shaft. I paid slightly less for the shaft on ebay. The seller also included a package of Kit Kat bars with each order as a bonus. Sah-weet!

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