Armed Forces Medallion Desktop Box

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Elegant, handcrafted dark cherry wood with a diecast, gold-plated Armed Forces medallion the perfect home or office desktop accessory. Distinctively unique each box is lined with black velvet and finished with a quality brass lock and double hinges. Felt padded bottum for added protection. 1 1 graphics/00000001/83-41302_2.jpg /page/product/APP240.html APP240_Air_Force Medallion Desktop Box Medallion:Air_Force 49.95 59.99 4 1 1 /page/product/APP240_Air_Force.html APP240_Coast_Guard Medallion Desktop Box Medallion:Coast_Guard 49.95 59.99 4 1 1 /page/product/APP240_Coast_Guard.html APP240_Navy Medallion Desktop Box Medallion:Navy 49.95 59.99 4 1 1 /page/product/APP240_Navy.html APP240_Army Medallion Desktop Box Medallion:Army 49.95 59.99 4 1 1 /page/product/APP240_Army.html APP240_Marine_Corps Medallion Desktop Box Medallion:Marine_Corps 49.95 59.99 4 1 1 /page/product/APP240_Marine_Corps.html APP241 Dual Picture Frame 44.95 53.99 2 A die-cast, gold plated United States Armed Forces medallion is centered on a photo mat between two vertical 4x6 inch photo opening. The bevel-cut, double matted solid mahogany colored wood frame combines to create this stately photo frame. Desktop easel and wall mounting hardware provided.

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