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Made by the OLDEST U.S. Flag manufacturer around today, Annin. Their Tough-Tex Commercial Grade Polyester flags are ideal for every day display. No other material lasts as long -especially in windy conditions. Its open weave fabric is part of the secret to its extra long life. Stress forces are minimized as some of the wind passes through the fabric. Less snapping results in greatly increased flag life. In addition, Tough-Tex fabric is proven by over 30 years science and refining. They are guaranteed to be colorfast for one full year and come with a certificate in the box to prove it! If you want to replace your flags less often choose Tough-Tex high wind flag fabric.

Sizes 2.5'x4' through 6'x10' are finished with thick canvas heading and heavy brass grommets. Sizes 8' x 12' and up have thick rope and thimbles instead of grommets for the strongest heading ever made.

Flag Features: 

  • Ideal for use in windy locations
  • Embroidered stars , sewn stripes
  • Thick canvas heading with #2 Brass Grommets
  • Two-ply fabric woven to last longer
  • Guaranteed colorfast for one year
  • FMAA certified made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Annin Tough-Tex | Most Recognized Brand

Flag purchase

Couldn’t locate the flag I previously purchased on your website. Called Avon store who placed my order and gave me the needed information for future s on the web.

Long may they wave.

Great quality flags, quickly delivered. I’ve been flying their flags for years on windy Nantucket where they are really put to the test.

Very pleased.

I'm very pleased with the quality flag by Annin and prompt service from Flagman of America.


4 years ago I bought one of these and it been hanging from our front porch everyday and night. Our weather runs from 95 degrees to full blown blizzards. Our flag is still perfect! Bought this one for our son-in-law, who is constantly replacing nylon ones!

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