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Thank You Veterans!
Thank You Veterans!

American Field Flag with Handles - Nylon

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Original price $899.99 - Original price $45,000.00
Original price $899.99
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$600.00 - $45,000.00
Current price $600.00

Simply the most beautiful, lightest & most convenient sporting event flags on the market! The beautiful nylon material is ideal due to the lightweight and bright colors. Added canvas around the edges with convenient handles make these flags perfect for indoor events, schools, parades and sporting events! 100% Made in the USA

10'x15' has 10 Handles & Weighs about 7lbs

10'x19' has 12 Handles & Weighs about 7lbs

12'x18' has 12 Handles & Weighs About 8lbs

15'x25' has 16 Handles & Weighs About 12lbs

20'x30' has 20 Handles & Weighs About About 20lbs

30'x60' has 36 Handles & Weighs About 55lbs

50'x80' has 52 Handles & Weighs About 125lbs - 12 Week Leadtime

150' x 300' - Nylon - Sewn Stars on One Side - Handles on the Perimeter every 18" - 6 Panels with Heavy Duty Clips Every 12" - Stars are One Piece - Short Stripes Two Pieces - Long Stripes Three Pieces - 100% Made in USA - 12 Week Leadtime

Most of these flags are made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, thank you!


  • Lighter Weight Nylon Material is Ideal to Carry/Hold
  • Thick Canvas Heading Around The Entire Flag
  • Convenient Handles Around The Edges of The Flag
  • Beautiful Sewn Stripes & Dense Embroidered or Sewn Stars
  • Fire & mildew resistant, moth-proof
  • Color matched thread on sewn stripes
  • Meets or exceeds all US Govt. specifications
  • FMAA Certified Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
George Washington

As soon as I saw this flag, I was filled with patriotism! As a god-fearin', beer-drinkin', freedom-lovin', chain-smokin', gun-totin', hat-wearin', American, I couldn't be more proud of the absolute size of that flag. I'm so glad that I live in a country where we can make our own flags! Take that, China! I'd buy one for myself, but 125 pounds is a bit too light for me to carry. I'll wait until they make one that weighs at least 300 pounds, that way I can flex my spirit and my muscles at the same time! Until then, I'll have to be content driving around the highways on my Ford F-150, evading my family, and drinking away my problems! God I love this country! But you know what I hate? BIDEN! Man doesn't know what the fuck he's doing! I mean, come on! At this point, I'd prefer Kanye West over this clown. He didn't even write "Jesus Walks" or "Gold Digger"! And he calls himself an American. At least he won't be around much longer, not with the plans I've been cooking up... That's what makes this country so great! God bless America!

Dale Brown
School ROTC

The school ROTC is very pleased with our donation.