21' Telescoping Flagpole - Made in USA - 5 Year Warranty

21' Telescoping Flagpole - Made in USA - 5 Year Warranty

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Our U.S. made telescoping flagpole features a "No Drop Posi-Loc" dual locking system, preventing the common pole collapse with our competitors telescopic poles. They also feature rust proof polished aluminum and a "no wrap" swivel system so that your flags are always flying beatifully in the wind. Available in 2 different colors, beautiful silver or a brilliant white. All top quality parts including 4 stainless steel snaps and a gold anodized aluminum ball. Our poles withstood wind loads up to 130MPH and feature a 5 year warranty on the flagpole and all parts.

Would you fly an American Flag on a foreign made flagpole?

**Please note, this does NOT Include any flags**


  • Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball (Included)
  • Aluminum Ground Sleeve (Included)
  • 4 Stainless Steel Clips (Included)
  • Flag Etiquette Leaflet (Included)
  • Flag Holiday Listing (Including)
  • Rust Proof Polished Aluminum Tubing
  • Withstands 130MPH Winds
  • 5 Year Warranty on Flagpole & All Parts
  • Proudly Made in the USA