24"x30" Custom Mounted Race Flag

24"x30" Custom Mounted Race Flag

Code: Digi006

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Product Description


1 Set price no matter how many logos, words, numbers or colors!!!

 Flagman of America manufactures flags for many businesses, clubs, institutions and organization. We work directly with you to ensure that you receive a beautiful flag in any style with the eye-catching design that you need and want. Digital custom flags are manufactured on our state of the art digital Dream Machine. This flag maker produces high resolution images that penetrate completely through the flag for brilliant colors and a soft supple feel. Never stiff or boardy. Your flag would be an all weather nylon material finished with thick canvas heading and heavy brass grommets. Every part of your flag will proudly be made in the U.S.A. 

Simply place an order for the size you would like and one of our friendly customs department representatives will contact you within 1-2 days. Or if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-835-2462 or local at 860-678-0275

Feel free to send any artwork, or questions to jordan@flagman.com

Digital print custom flags are nylon flags are made with our advanced direct dye to fabric process. We have totally eliminated the need for expensive screen and set up charges, even in "1 up" quantities! At Flagman of America we combine state of the art digital technology with old world craftsmanship to produce clean, crisp, faithful reproductions of your most intricate designs. A digital printed flag mimics both the look and soft, supple feel of the screen printing process but with lower minimum runs and greater capacity for detail. Flag making has moved forever from costly hand screening to precision digital technology while maintaining the deep color penetration you expect all the way through the flag. With our exclusive process, the back sides of our flags look just as good as the front! Each flag printed is single reverse, or single sided. Double sided flags are not recomended but are availabe by calling.

**Please note, the great thing about digital print custom flags is that we can add as many logos, letters, or numbers and it does not effect the cost. Also, don't want a checkered background? Or maybe want them a different color? No problem! And again, it does not effect the cost!

A digital custom flag from Flagman of America has many advantages including:


  • Friendly Sales Team Works Directly With You To Get You Exactly What Your looking For
  • No set up or screen charges saves you money.
  • No Minimums order quantity. We welcome any quantity from 1 to 1000s
  • An unlimited number of colors at no extra charge. Be as creative as you want without the cost!
  • Complete penetration of the dye through the flag producing extremely durable & radiant colors.
  • A soft supple finish. Never board-like or stiff.
  • Quick turnaround. The average order is delivered in 2-3 weeks.
  • Eco-Friendly. We care for our environment.
  • Every Flag Printed is Single Reverse (Single Sided) with a Reversed Image on the Back
  • Our process meets or exceeds every State and Federal Regulation
  • Flags Finished with 1.5" Canvas Sleeve Mounted on a 32"x5/8" Dowel
  • Only The Strongest, Smoothest Hand Picked Dowels are Used
  • Get The Race Flags of The Professionals, From The Professionals!
  • Every Single Part of Your Flag Will Proudly Be Made in the U.S.A.