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Build Your Own Mounted Race Set

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**We offer to attempt to alter our stock flags to meet an individuals specific needs. Please feel free to type any requests into the "Special Instructions" Box under the options. **Modified stock flags are NON Refundable. is the nations leader in racing flags! Tracks and professional flaggers depend on our families durable, high visibility flags. We have been making flags for over 70 years using only the best flag materials, most talented seamstresses and most dedicated staff. We are 100% confident that our products cannot be beat! Get the Sets of the Professionals, From the Professionals!

Fabric: **This flag set is available in 2 fabrics**

Heavy Duty Nylon is commonly used to make flags for outdoor use. Built to hold up to the elements it is slightly heavier than rip-stop allowing it to take more punishment. The gold standard for flaggers everywhere.

Lightweight Rip-Stop is the lighter of the 2 materials. It cleans much easier than the Heavy Duty Nylon because the dirt cannot stick to it making it ideal for dirt tracks. The lighter weight makes the flag easier on the wrist when in use and is still very strong. Used by flaggers everywhere.


Mounted on 32"x5/8" Dowel:  We staple the race flags to a perfectly smooth hard wood dowel with rounded ends. 24"x24" & 24"x30" get stapled on a 32"X5/8" Dowel while 30"x30" Flags get stapled to a 30"x5/8" Dowel

Pole Sleeve:

Heavy Duty Canvas is a standard white flag finishing options used for outdoor flags to hold up to the elements. 

 100% Made in the USA!

Customer Reviews

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Brian Phillips

The checkered flag wasn't the material I had in mind. Wanted it to be like the other rip-stop flags that I have. The checkered one is too heavy to wave how I normally do. My fault for not being specific enough when trying to order it. Out of the 12 flags I've ordered, 11 of them are perfect.