Sunoco Set of 7

Sunoco Set of 7

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Product Description

Did you know we offer to make any racing flag in any size you need at no extra charge? Prefer the flags to be 22”x22”?  Or to have a bigger heading to fit your personal dowel. Want to add racers name or possibly your logo? No problem! Please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-835-2462 or local at 860-678-0275 or email with any questions/requests.


***Please note, since these are printed by Sunoco and bought by us in batches, the exact flag you receive may vary slightly in size and color***Being the nations leader in racing flags, tracks and professional flaggers depend on our durable, high visibility flags. We sew and hand make each individual race flag and set with 100% confidence that our products cannot be beat! Using only the strongest, smoothest rounded wood dowels, along with only the best flag materials you can be confident in your purchase.

The Sunoco Set comes in a set of 7, and includes the Yellow, Red, Green, White, Black, Printed Passing and Sunoco Checkered flags. We make each set to endure any punishment you can throw at them, however the Sunoco Flag is produced by Sunoco and does not fall under the same warranty as the flags we produce.


  • Sunoco Flag Size 21"x33" (actual size & colors may vary slightly) - Other flags 24"x30"
  • High Visibility Top Quality Heavy Duty Flags
  • Hand Picked, Strongest, Smoothest 32"x5/8" Wood Dowels with Rounded Ends
  • Heavy Duty Steel Arrow Tip Staples
  • Proudly Hand Made at Flagman of America (Sunoco Flag Produced by Sunoco & Reniforced by Flagman of America)
  • Get the Sets of the Professionals, From the Professionals!


Size: This set only comes in the 24" x 30" The official Size of NASCAR


Mounting: If a mounted set is chosen, we use heavy duty steel arrow tip staples to secure the flags. The flag is stapled on the back of the heading so that the flag looks beautiful from the front. 24"x30" Sizes Use 32" 5/8 Dowels


Fabrics: With 2 fabric materials to choose from.

Heavy Duty Nylon which is shown in the picture, is the more popular of the two fabrics. Although it is heavier, flaggers have absolutely no problem with the weight and the thicker material will hold its color longer and can take much more punishment. The material is highly visible and is the gold standard for flaggers everywhere.  

Rip-Stop Nylon is the lighter of the 2 materials. It cleans much easier than the Heavy Duty Nylon because the dirt cannot stick to it making it ideal for dirt tracks. The lighter weight makes the flag easier on the wrist when in use and is still very strong. Used by flaggers everywhere.