Dear Customers and Friends,

  • In 1947 Flagman of America started selling flags with one employee-my dad Rhuben. He was painting outdoor signs at the time and later he began selling American flags to many of his sign customers. He wrote up the sales tickets, ordered the products from suppliers, then packaged and shipped out each order himself. The business was not a raging success at first, with only a few dozen orders and less than $2,000. in sales. But he kept at it, and eventually became known as "the flagman" by his customers .....and the name stuck.
  • Over the years we grew and hired talented seamstresses and artists to design and produce custom flags and banners. Customer care specialists were hired to answer questions and take orders. We installed flagpoles made of wood, then aluminum then fiberglass. We became known for fast service and quality you could rely on.
    Now, what a difference! How we have grown! You can now order over 10,000 products online and pay by credit card. Flagman of America is again upgrading our telephone and computer systems to push further into the world of e-commerce. But in spite of our growth, the hallmark of our business in 1947 is still the same today-your complete satisfaction. Yes, we have computers to help us, but we will still watch over each order in person to make sure you get the product you want when you need to have it.
  • I want to thank our old customers (we still have many from the 50's) for your business over the years and extend an invitation to new ones to give us a try. We will be proud to help you this flag season. To order or for additional information about our products call us toll free at 800-835-2462, or fax us at 860-678-8812. Our e-mail address is and our web site is As always our customer care experts are ready to serve you with prompt & friendly service- New England Style.
    Very truly yours,David A. Dimesky, President
  • Our Pledge
  • We sell only the highest quality US made American Flags. No imports ever!
  • At Flagman of America we actually produce many of the flags we sell. Our Avon, CT USA facility uses American materials and American labor. Most importantly, we use advanced production processes to keep our prices to you low. We won't rest until you are 100% satisfied with our expert customer service and products. Our goal is our complete satisfaction. We want your repeat business and know that we have to earn it every day. We will cheerfully refund your money on any purchase for 30 days - no questions asked. Just return the product to us unused, with the original packaging. We will repair or replace any manufacturing defects at no charge for the life of the flag. Just return it to us - it'™s that simple.

    How can you be sure that your American Flag was made in the USA?

    As a patriotic American wouldn'™t you be upset if you purchased an American flag to proudly display at your home or to give as a gift only to find out that you had mistakenly purchased a foreign made version of Old Glory?

    Here's how to make sure:

    Look for either the FMAA oval certification or the Flagman of America logo on the heading of your flag or on the package.

    These seals are your assurances that this product has been made in the USA, of materials that are domestic in origin and that all processes in every step of the US flag's manufacture were completed in USA facilities with USA labor. FMAA, the Flag Manufacturers Association of America, is an organization made up of several of the country'™s leading flag makers who have crafted a set of specifications that will guarantee and highlight the domestic manufacture of US flags. Spread the word. Tell your friends to look for the FMAA or the Flagman logo to ensure that they are purchasing a US made American flag.

    Thank you for your business. We will work hard every day to keep it.
    Sincerely, David A. Dimesky, President