Starting a Career

For over 65 years Flagman of America has been doing business all over the world, and even in today's economy we are still thriving and offering many job opportunities in all fields of work. We are an equal opportunity employer that takes pride in offering a wide range of positions. With such benefits as paid vacations, employee discounts and end of the year bonuses don’t miss out on a great opportunity. Please feel free to send us your resume and thank you for your interest in Flagman of America, Inc. The greatest name in flags!


Corporate Opportunities:

  • Customer Service Rep
  • Distribution Center
  • Internet Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Graphic Designer
  • Field Technician
  • Accounting
  • Seamstress



Please email your resume to our Human Resources department at:


Flagman of America, Inc.

PO Box 440

Avon, Connecticut 06001

Fax: 860-678-8812


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